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"R. Rhythmia" CD Coming!


Finally - some new news!

The next CD from Poppa Vein is in the works and soon to be released. It's scheduled for June 2012 release but may not be available until July.

This CD has 8 new songs that are sure to blow your mind. You can check them out on this site in the Tunes page. Let the boys know whatcha think!

"In Vein" CD Released!


Woo hoo! 'In Vein' is now available on for a measley 10 bux. Be the first on your block to get yours today!

The boys are pretty excited about getting this new CD out there and hope you are too. It was a long time in the making and has some really cool tunes.

Proof of "In Vein" CD has been received!


The pre-production proof CD of "In Vein" was delivered today. Guess what?! It's great. Yer gonna love the pictures inside!

The boys are gonna approve it and it'll be available soon! We'll let ya know where you can get yer copy soon!

Proof of "In Vein" CD has been shipped!


The initial upload and and pre-production work is about done. The manufacturer has shipped the proof CD of "In Vein" for the boys to bless.

If everything's okay, the new CD should be available soon! This time out it will initially only be available through

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Poppa Vein Gigs

The live band has had it's ups and downs, mostly downs (you can go to the "Info.aspx" tab to read more about the adventures). Right now there's no live band in the works, and therefore no gigs planned.

The boys would like to encourage you to purchase their CD, or other independent musician's CD's, to help preserve the writing, recording, and sale of music by artists that aren't supported through the main stream, commercial music industry.

There is a lot of "undiscovered" talent in the world that offers great entertainment value. Most independent musicians, Poppa Vein included, produce music because they have a deep love for it and want to share it. And, they have no great expectation of "making it big", but that is not their goal.

Independent musicians like Poppa Vein primarily receive compensation for their efforts in the form of praise. But any purchase of their music is always appreciated; there's not a much better way to express praise to a musician than to throw a buck or two their way! And, it really does help offset the expense of recording and duplicating CD's.

The boys from Poppa Vein sincerely thank all of you who have purchased the Bad Blood CD, and encourage you to purchase other independent band CD's as you are able to.

Since there's no upcoming gigs, why doncha check out this high tech time-lapse photography, taken undercover by an unknown fan during one of their rehearsal sessions. It shows some of the refreshments that Raw Meat consumed during the 2 hour session.

Raw's amp and booze bottles