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"R. Rhythmia" CD Coming!


Finally - some new news!

The next CD from Poppa Vein is in the works and soon to be released. It's scheduled for June 2012 release but may not be available until July.

This CD has 8 new songs that are sure to blow your mind. You can check them out on this site in the Tunes page. Let the boys know whatcha think!

"In Vein" CD Released!


Woo hoo! 'In Vein' is now available on for a measley 10 bux. Be the first on your block to get yours today!

The boys are pretty excited about getting this new CD out there and hope you are too. It was a long time in the making and has some really cool tunes.

Proof of "In Vein" CD has been received!


The pre-production proof CD of "In Vein" was delivered today. Guess what?! It's great. Yer gonna love the pictures inside!

The boys are gonna approve it and it'll be available soon! We'll let ya know where you can get yer copy soon!

Proof of "In Vein" CD has been shipped!


The initial upload and and pre-production work is about done. The manufacturer has shipped the proof CD of "In Vein" for the boys to bless.

If everything's okay, the new CD should be available soon! This time out it will initially only be available through

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Here's the exciting tale of Poppa Vein, as close as they can remember anyway. Some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty...

Poppa Vein shouts from chilly Phoenix, Arizona. They write and blast out their blues based rock and roll that was born and lives in their blood. They gotta let it out, in fact, they can't stop it from hemorrhaging.

2006 - In the beginning

The band started in October 2006 when Mike, a buddy of Raw's told him he had to do it. For the first iteration of the band, Raw and Mike hooked up with with Ernesto on guitar, and in November 2006, started practicing at Sound Arena in Tempe, AZ and lookin' for a bassist.

2007 - First Steps

By January 2007 Mike started working on a different project, leaving Raw and Ernesto to fend for themselves. They looked and found drummer Russ and then Dead Nuckles the bass player and singer, and in February 2007 the band was in place. Woohoo!

The boys started channeling the material that was coming up at rehearsals, recording what would become their "Bad Blood" freshman album, until Ernesto decided to leave in March 2007. Raw, Dead, and Russ kept plugging away and trying out other guitar players and keyboard players, most notably Mark, but none of them worked out.

In July 2007 Raw and Dead parted ways with drummer Russ. Raw and Dead decided to finish up the "Bad Blood" album before looking for another drummer, and kept writing and recording their straight ahead rock songs through the end of the year.

2008 - What next?

In April 2008 a computer crash resulted in the loss of all of the recordings, and probably led to the world wide economic depression and failure of the U.S. Republican Party of 2008.

The good news in April 2008, however, is that Crush Monster and Rithum Masheen joined the band. Crush came on to play bass, allowing Dead to stick to lead vocals, keys, and a bit of guitar or bass if he wanted ('cuz Crusher also plays guitar). Rithum brought a great jazz influenced drum style. The band was complete again!

However, it proved difficult to set up times for the new lineup to get together, and by August 2008, Dead went on his separate path to stardom leaving Raw, Crusher, and Rithum to pump out the jams.

In early September 2008, after the boys were coming into their own as a 3 piece rockin' band, Rithum broke his ankle. The rumor that he was kickin' Raw in the ass is not true, at least as far as you know. Another friggin' setback! The boys took a break to give time for Rithum's foot heal.

2009 - Ups and Downs

At the end of March 2009, Rithum decided to give his bone a try, and again in early April 2009. It was a bit much so they held off until the first week of June 2009, which ended up being the last time they got together. It was clear it just wasn't working when after a year of being together they didn't have a single song worth playing in front of an audience, so Raw pulled the plug. The search was on for a new line up...

Also in June 2009, the first Poppa Vein CD "Bad Blood" was released - after about two years of work and setbacks it was finally completed and self published through CD Baby.

As of July 2009 Raw is continuing to work on songs for a new Poppa Vein CD, tentatively titled "In Vein". He has a number of musicians lined up for studio work including the return of Dead Nuckles. He's not, however, got any more delusions about getting a live band together anytime soon.


2010 saw the "BAND" reduced to only Raw Meat. Raw kept pluggin away though, writin and recordin some rockin tunes. It took a bit longer, and Raw had some health issues during the year, but he finally released the 2nd Poppa Vein CD "In Vein" in December.

It's unclear where the "BAND" will go next. As of now, Raw's not looking for any more dudes just to start somethin, work on it a bit, and have it fall apart. It's a bitch trying to put a band together and it's even harder when yer not a kid any longer. Seems like people all get their own and different ideas, have families, etc.

But, there could be more recording in the future! Raw's been working on some tunes for another movie. There are plenty more rockin ideas in his noggin. Come back for 2011 and see what happens!

Read about the boys in the band, get the skinny on the tools they use, etc.



Stunt Guitar and Oh Shit Vocals

Raw Meat has been playing guitar longer than he's been alive and that's a long effen time. Raw has about 20 fingers on his left hand, but that number constantly changes. Raw has a hard time finding gloves that fit.

Raw plays Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul, Ibanez 540R, and Ibanez AEF30ETVS (acoustic), Yamaha RBX270 (bass) guitars outfitted with D'Addario strings and uses Dunlop Tortex .88mm picks with a bit of Gorilla Snot.

The electrons go through a Digitech Whammy, Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah, OCD, '70, and Deja Vibe, Electro-Harmonix Mini Big Muff Pi, Boss TU-2 tuner and BF-3 Flanger. Then they get split by a Radial Switchbone into a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100 (with a Lexicon MX200 in the FX loop for delay, chorus, tremolo) and Fender Hot Rod Blues DeVille 4 x 10.

Raw also adds some keys on the recordings using a Yamaha MO6, EMU controller and software synths.

Here's some pics you can download of Raw. They're big, quite lovely, and very suitable for your computer desktop.

Raw's Marshall Some of Raw's Guitars Raw's Pedal Board Raw's EMU




Permafrost Crushin' Bass

Crush Monster loves to blow up full propane bottles by putting them in front of his amp and playin' his Fender bass. There is currently a number of restraining orders out against the Crusher to prevent him from adding any more wattage to his amp system, to prevent any further deepening of the Grand Canyon, and to prevent further erosion of Kitt Peak (as well as damage to all the telescopes there).

Crusher's posted some pics of his weapons for ya.

(Cumin' soon...) (Cumin' soon...) (Cumin' soon...)
Crusher's Bass Crusher's Amps Crusher's Pedal Board




Beat Master

Mr. Masheen just is and always has been. His pounding loins are directly connected to the drums which get no mercy. God used Rithum as the model when he created thunder. And it's true - chicks dig drummers. That fact started because of the Masheen.

We can't post any pics of Rithum or his goodies yet 'cause there are people lookin' for him.


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