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"R. Rhythmia" CD Coming!


Finally - some new news!

The next CD from Poppa Vein is in the works and soon to be released. It's scheduled for June 2012 release but may not be available until July.

This CD has 8 new songs that are sure to blow your mind. You can check them out on this site in the Tunes page. Let the boys know whatcha think!

"In Vein" CD Released!


Woo hoo! 'In Vein' is now available on for a measley 10 bux. Be the first on your block to get yours today!

The boys are pretty excited about getting this new CD out there and hope you are too. It was a long time in the making and has some really cool tunes.

Proof of "In Vein" CD has been received!


The pre-production proof CD of "In Vein" was delivered today. Guess what?! It's great. Yer gonna love the pictures inside!

The boys are gonna approve it and it'll be available soon! We'll let ya know where you can get yer copy soon!

Proof of "In Vein" CD has been shipped!


The initial upload and and pre-production work is about done. The manufacturer has shipped the proof CD of "In Vein" for the boys to bless.

If everything's okay, the new CD should be available soon! This time out it will initially only be available through

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The third CD from Poppa Vein, scheduled for release in June, 2012.

The boys started writing and recording these songs in September of 2010, starting with "Favorite Faces". This project took a bit longer than the first two CDs with the first version of their second song "Beautiful Day" not getting recorded until May, 2011! But when you listen to this collection you'll agree that the extra time was worth it - these songs are a trip.

Expanding on the trend started with the "In Vein" CD, this is more of a "concept album" than just rocking songs. The songs are much more complex and atmospheric and when listened to as an entire album from start to finish, you'll be transported through time and space and emotion like few other artists even attempt these days.

This page gives you the details about the songs on the CD, including the lyrics.

The title of the CD is, of course, a play on a medical condition related to the heart / blood / vein. In this case, the heart stopping nature of the songs led to the title.

Raw again wrote and recorded the tunes and played the guitars, keys, percussion, and sang. Other friends are involved in various songs and are mentioned in each song's info section.

The main instruments, etc. used for this recording are: 1) Gibson Custom LP Goldtop; 2) Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster; 3) Gibson SG Standard; 4) Ibanez AEF30 (acoustic); 5) Ibanez SR405QM Bass; 6) Yamaha MO6 Synthesizer; 8) Marshall JCM2000 TSL 100 with 1960A and 1960B Vintage cabinets; 9) Fender Hot Rod Blues DeVille 4x10.

Guitar effects include 1) Digitech Whammy IV; 2) Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah, OCD, '70, Mini Deja Vibe; 3) Electro-Harmonix Mini Big Muff Pi; 4) Boss Metal Zone.

You'll notice that some songs use the ToonTracks EZDrummer while others use the ToonTracks Superior Drummer 2.0. It wasn't that one was perferred over the other, only that the software was upgraded from EZDrummer to Superior Drummer 2.0 during the CD project. The boys think highly of this software!

The songs on this CD were greatly influenced or inspired by bands and/or songs including Pink Floyd, Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix (especially "Third Stone From The Sun"), Porcupine Tree. In other words, by bands and/or songs that might sound good when you're in certain, perhaps chemically enhanced, frames of mind(s).


> Beautiful Day

Conceived on 05/29/2011

This song is the opener for the R. Rhythmia CD. It is based on Raw's memory of laying on his back and looking up at the sky and pondering life. He was maybe 7 years old. It was summer in Port Townsend, Washington, in his house on Garfield street. There was an apple tree that, although it didn't produce particularly good apples, was big and made the air smell good.

The song starts off with some airy sounds from the Yamaha, and then the Ibanez bass starts to provide a groove. Next, the only acoustic guitar on the CD comes in, followed by some lead synth from the Yamaha.

The guitars on this song are the Fender Stratocaster Deluxe with a combination of DI and live amp. This song was inspired a lot by Pink Floyd and the guitar was kept to a Stratocaster accordingly.

This song purposefully does not spread out across the stereo field much. The intent is to make the panning synth and the virtual venue sound wider. It also provides contrast to the following songs. This provided a bit of a challenge in order to try to keep a sonic separation between the various instruments.

Arrangement: Raw Meat
Vocals: Raw Meat
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards: Raw Meat
Drums: ToonTrack Superior Drummer 2.0

Beautiful Day
Copyright (c) 05/29/2011 by Randy Morter
All Rights Reserved.

( Verse 1 )
You're laying on your back
In the soft green grass
Looking up at the sky

The planet carries you along
On it's solitary journey
The miles go speeding by

You see the apple tree leaves waving
In the gentle breeze
At the clouds up in the sky

You wonder where is it you're headed
On this world you can't control
Where will you go before you die

( Chorus )
It's a beautiful day
You'd like to keep it that way
And never let it end

On a beautiful day
You'd really like it to stay
And live it again and again

Oh that beautiful day

( Verse 2 )
I see you lying on your back
On that warm and sunny day
I'm thinking I can feel what you feel

But as fast as we are moving
There's no time for us to meet
And if we did I don't know what I should reveal

Would you really want to know
All the things that lay ahead
Or are there things that life should conceal

If I told you where you're going
All your pains and joys and sorrows
Would you even think that it was real?

( Repeat Chorus )

( Solos )

( Repeat Chorus )


> On Hold

Conceived on 06/26/2011

This song started life as a contribution to Raw's buddy Tom W. - as an outtro to a song Tom had written and recorded. Tom didn't think it fit with his hard rock song so Raw kept it for himself!

It provides a nice follow up to Beautiful Day in the CD so everybody won!

This song starts with some sounds "Pluggo Feedback Network" plugin hosted by the Cakewalk Sonar (version 8.5 Producer for you geeky types!). It started with the cool bass groove, inspired by Robin Trower on various songs of his that have extended outtro sections.

The lead guitar is unknown (looks like someone forgot to pay attention to their recording notes / track sheet) - other than it was the LP or Strat! The guitars were recorded DI and processed with Native Instruments Guitar Rig version 4.

The strings were inspired by both some hip hop arrangements and Grand Funk Railroad's "I'm Your Captain / Closer To Home".

Arrangement: Raw Meat
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards: Raw Meat
Drums: ToonTrack Superior Drummer 2.0
( Instrumental )


> Cash

Conceived on 06/30/2011

This song is a reflection by Raw Meat on his relationship (or lack of) with his daughter. Yeah, it's kind of a bitch for a topic. But since writing it, people have let Raw know that they've had similar experiences and that they feel a connection to the song.

The opening bass riff was inspired by Crush Monster back during the "In Vein" sessions.

Raw came up with the keyboard part in the intro (and other places) which uses a part where one hand crosses over the other which Raw was amazed at that he could do it since he's not a keyboard player by trade!

The Yamaha MO6 makes a pretty good dirty B3 sound, as you can hear on this tune. The MO uses the "Bees Knees" voice pack at times, but also the "Rocky" and other stock patches.

The middle bridge section adds in some hip hop drums for a bit of a change of flavor. The different B3 patch in the bridge is opened across the stereo field up so that you can hear the leslie more. Cool!

This is the first song Raw recorded with his new (at the time) Gibson SG Standard. All guitar tracks are using the SG after it had been tuned up by Rich Beck. Thanks Rich! Love it! The guitars were all recorded DI and use Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 for processing the cool sounds.

The EZDrummer tracks were brought in individually and custom EQ, Effects, mixing, etc. were applied. This track is using the ToonTrack "Drumkit from Hell" expansion pack.

Arrangement: Raw Meat
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards: Raw Meat
Drums: ToonTrack EZDrummer

Copyright © 06/30/2011 by Randy Morter
All Rights Reserved.

( Verse 1 )
I remember when you were
My little baby girl
And how I was your whole world

No mother of pearl
Surrounding your basinet
No servants for you

Humble love was all we had
We did not need anything more

( Chorus )
Darling when you were there with me
'Twas all the proof I need
The best things in life are free

( Verse 2 )
You're momma fucked someone else
And took you away
While I fought a foreign war

You were raised in greed
Never exposed to a love
More precious than gold

When I got to hold you next
Your heart had already been sold

( Repeat Chorus )

( Bridge )
One minute you're there
Then nothing but air
Like a old dog gone astray
I ain't got no clue
What I did to you
To make you go away

I don't know my crime
You don't give me time
How much would I have to pay
If i wanted to
Lay my eyes on you
Or talk to you some day

What ever happened to honor thy father
You sold out your flesh and blood
I wish that I still had a daughter
But you set your price way too much
I ain't got enough money to buy you
With a price like that I ain't got the desire
I wish you well and good luck too
I hope you know you put me through hell fire

( Repeat Chorus )


> Favorite Faces

Conceived on 09/12/2010

In order to balance the effect of "Cash", this is a more upbeat song inspired by a couple of Raw's friends, Dawn I. and Jean A. Everytime Raw sees them they have such big, friendly, enthusiastic, and infectious smiles that anytime he needs a mental pick-me-up he can think of their wonderful smiles.

Thanks Dawn and Jean for making life more enjoyable when you're around, and even when you're not around, you've given out great memories!

This song starts with some Rhodes type keys, from the Yamaha MO6 using the "Vintage Keys" patches. It's reminscent of some Led Zeppelin for a bit, then some drums and B3 from EZDrummer and the MO6 build the groove.

The lead vocals are intended to be reminiscent of some of John Lennon's vocals by virtue of the echo and EQ settings.

This song has very little guitar, but what is there is provided by the Les Paul. The drums are from ToonTrack using the "Drumkit From Hell" drum kit.

This song was featured in the Huckabone Films movie "Random Doors" in the opening sequence (released in May 2012).

The song follows a typical ABABCB format, other than the intro, and is really the only "formulaic" song on the CD.

Arrangement: Raw Meat
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards: Raw Meat
Drums: ToonTrack EZDrummer

Favorite Faces
Copyright © 09/12/2010 by Randy Morter
All Rights Reserved.

( Verse 1 )
When I find myself all alone
I find myself thinking about you
I think of your face smiling at me
Better than any face should ever be

( Chorus )
All my favorite faces
Are the faces you make
All my favorite places
Are the places you are

( Verse 2 )
When I find myself alone
I find myself thinking about you
I think of you right beside me
Making it better than any place should ever be

( Repeat Chorus )

( Bridge )
I want to know who to thank for you girl
For making your path cross mine
And I want you to know for sure girl
That seeing your face was a sign
That things would be alright for me
As long as I, I could see

( Repeat Chorus )

My favorite faces
My favorite places


> Part Of You, Part Of Me

Conceived on 11/12/2011

The lyrics for "Part of You, Part of Me" are somewhat an extension of "Beautiful Day" - asking the question about what it would be like if the person you were when you were young met the person you were when you were older.

What would either of you think of the other? What would you say to each other? Would you recognize the other? Probably the old you would recognize the young you, but is that good or bad?

This song started out with another cool sounding bass riff. Sometimes it's inspiring to play an instrument that isn't your main instrument in order to come up with something new. Plus, the Ibanez bass just sounds really good through the Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4. It's DI to Sonar then processed through the Guitar Rig plug-in.

Once again the Yamaha MO6 keys start building the groove until the Gibson SG provides some stun chords on the verse.

There are some guitar effects in the song as well, in the middle break, played on the Fender Stratocaster (it has the whammy bar after all).

Arrangement: Raw Meat
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards: Raw Meat
Drums: ToonTrack Superior Drummer 2.0

Part of You Part of Me
Copyright © 11/12/2011 by Randy Morter
All Rights Reserved.

( Verse 1 )
I came into being
For just the time being
In a breath I was there then gone

All that I had
Was a one night stand
It was gone by the break of dawn

New lives come along
Some short and some long
Barely a thread of me through them all

Faces and places
A memory that chases
Everything I can still recall

( Chorus )
If I could meet myself
An old memory up on a shelf
Would either of us know the other
And who would who befriend

I only wish that I knew
How many deaths I'll live through
Before I breathe my final breath and
Who will I be by then

( Solo )

( Bridge A )
Part of you dies in life's changes
It was there and then it's gone
Parts you can never undo or repeat

Part of you is born new in exchanges
It wasn't there but comes on strong
The parts of you that make you complete

( Bridge B )
I was someone's kid
Someone's husband and
Someone's parent

I was a janitor
A baker and a sailor
I was a Presbyterian
An Atheist and a Buddhist

( Repeat Chorus )


> I Got Everything

Conceived on 12/24/2011

This song questions the essence of life as you've grown, experienced relationships, accumulated goodies. Is this all there is to it? If so then why does it seem like there's always something missing?

The opening guitar riff is using the Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah - and one of the few places on the CD that has some wah wah pedal. It wasn't really inspired by Alice In Chain's "Man In The Box" but it might remind you of that song.

Throughout the song you'll hear various textures you've been exposed to elswhere on the CD including the Rhodes and B3 from the Yamaha MO6.

The drums are from ToonTracks Superior Drummer 2.0. The outtro section uses some MIDI loops from Odd Grooves which don't get used much since they are based on odd or polyrhythmic meters. In this outtro they create a sense of suspense that builds until the final release which is like being born again.

All of the guitar is from the Gibson Les Paul.

Arrangement: Raw Meat
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards: Raw Meat
Drums: ToonTrack Superior Drummer 2.0

I Got Everything
Copyright © 12/24/2011 by Randy Morter
All Rights Reserved.

( Verse 1 )
I keep looking around each day
For answers why I feel this way
I ask around and I demand
But no one seems to understand

Give me love or give me hate
I'll try my best to relate
I'd really like to find something
To make me feel like a king

Nothing is in my control
I'm stuck inside an empty hole
Doing my best to climb out
Would you listen if I shout

I get no joy out of my life
It's filled with boredom and with strife
I'm looking for some relief
Won't somebody help me please

Help me, please

( Pre-Chorus 1 )
I don't think I am the only one
Who feels that life has come undone
Could you take a look at me
And tell me what it is you see

( Chorus )
I got everything
There's nothing else I'm looking for
I got everything
I got stuff I ignore

I got everything
And then some if you're keeping score
I got everything
But I still need something more

( Verse 2 )
I earn good money at my job
A bank account to make you sob
I got a big house to sleep in
A nice car to take a spin

Lots of toys in my man cave
Nothing left for me to crave
I have traveled the world around
From countryside to downtown

I've had a love for many years
She's shared my joy and my tears
Kids and pets, I've had them all
Now somehow I dropped the ball

Things that should be enough
Seem like a pile of Goodwill stuff
Now I don't care if I wake each day
I really wish they'd go away

( Pre-Chorus 2 )
Could you take a look at me
And tell me what it is you see

( Repeat Chorus )

( Bridge )
I'm trying Lord, I try my best
To be my best
To find a reason to face each day
And wear a smile

I know that I am blessed
I'm a lucky man, I'm fortunate
But life seems like a sentence to me
There's no parole and I can't escape

I don't want to take my own life
But I don't want to feel like shit
I can't think of anything I want to do
So I'll just grow old in front of you

( Repeat Chorus )

( Outtro )


> Up All Night

Conceived on 05/27/2012

This was the last song to be written and recorded for the CD. It starts with some atmospherics over a bit of ToonTracks Superior Drummer 2.0 rhythm to get your mind in a trance.

Next you hear some Gibson SG lead work, a combination of the mic'd up Marshall and Fender cranked loud enough to get the police visiting (oh, with a bit of Fulltone Mini DejaVibe thrown in). And to make sure it cut through, there's a 3rd DI track processed through the Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4.

Once the verse starts, you'll hear some additional loops from Producer Loops for drums, guitar, synths. Most of the rhythm section is using their loops. Not willing to leave it at that, though, Raw did throw in some of his own keys and guitar!

Arrangement: Raw Meat
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards: Raw Meat,
Producer Loops "Ambient Metal Constructions 2" pack
Drums: ToonTrack Superior Drummer 2.0,
Producer Loops "Ambient Metal Constructions 2" pack

Up All Night
Copyright © 5/27/2012 by Randy Morter
All Rights Reserved.

( Verse 1 )
Wake up now my little man
It's time for you to live again
Too many heartbeats still remain
For you to ignore the pain

You may have been up all night
But you don't seem to see the light
Open eyes can be mistaken
For living life fully awakened

( Pre-chorus )
Snap out of it man
You're missing out
You ain't dead yet so
Let's yell and shout

( Chorus )
Up all night
Stand and fight
Fist, gun or knife
Fight for your life

See the light
Stand and fight
Fist, gun or knife
Fight for your life

( Verse 2 )
Remember when you were young
You couldn't wait to take the plunge
There was a time that you believed
There was nothing you couldn't achieve

Your future was an unwrapped present
You pursued and could not relent
Now obscured as if in a mist
Behind it somewhere you still exist

( Repeat Pre-chorus )

( Repeat Chorus )

( Solo )

( Bridge )
You can do it man
But it's up to you alone
Design yourself a plan
That leads to your throne

It is your destiny
Break the chains and then break free
Believe in yourself again
Not in the doubts of other men

( Solo )

( Repeat Chorus Twice )


> Rest

Conceived on 03/17/2012

This is an easy going throw back tune that wraps up everything from the earlier songs. It's about looking back at life and whether it was good or not.

This song uses a rhythm section from the Yamaha MO6, including the upright bass. It includes some Gibson SG recorded DI and processed through the Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4.

Then you'll hear a few tracks of real trumpet, both as a lead track and a couple of pad tracks on the right.

What a way to finish the CD! Hope you've enjoyed the trip!

Arrangement: Raw Meat
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Trumpet: Raw Meat
Drums: ToonTrack Superior Drummer 2.0

Copyright © 3/17/2012 by Randy Morter
All Rights Reserved.

( Verse 1 )
And in the end
I'm just a man
Trying to live my life
The best I can

I had some ups
I had some downs
I tried to cause more smiles
Than frowns

( Verse 2 )
I went to school
And I went to work
Wasn't a responsibility
That I did shirk

I planned ahead
For what might come my way
And deal with it
Give it my best each day

Love has come
In and out of my life
I loved my pets, my friends, my kids,
And my wife

You can count my deeds
Both bad and good
Look at the situations
Where I have stood

Add them all up
On your adding machine
You will see I worked hard
To keep my conscience clean

I'll be smiling
Because I've been blessed
When you lay me down
For my final rest