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"R. Rhythmia" CD Coming!


Finally - some new news!

The next CD from Poppa Vein is in the works and soon to be released. It's scheduled for June 2012 release but may not be available until July.

This CD has 8 new songs that are sure to blow your mind. You can check them out on this site in the Tunes page. Let the boys know whatcha think!

"In Vein" CD Released!


Woo hoo! 'In Vein' is now available on for a measley 10 bux. Be the first on your block to get yours today!

The boys are pretty excited about getting this new CD out there and hope you are too. It was a long time in the making and has some really cool tunes.

Proof of "In Vein" CD has been received!


The pre-production proof CD of "In Vein" was delivered today. Guess what?! It's great. Yer gonna love the pictures inside!

The boys are gonna approve it and it'll be available soon! We'll let ya know where you can get yer copy soon!

Proof of "In Vein" CD has been shipped!


The initial upload and and pre-production work is about done. The manufacturer has shipped the proof CD of "In Vein" for the boys to bless.

If everything's okay, the new CD should be available soon! This time out it will initially only be available through

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Poppa Vein Tunes

R. Rhythmia CD

R. Rhythmia CD Cover

The third CD from Poppa Vein was released June 2012. With 10 hard hitting songs, this CD definitely shows the progression of the boys. This is a great follow-up to In Vein, and is quite a mind trip!

The topics are darker, the songs more epic, containg the extended "stoner" jams that everyone wanted and loved about the first Poppa Vein CD offerings. While not terribly popular with most commercial offerings, the "R. Rhythmia" CD is more of a concept album and is best enjoyed if you listen to the entire album (and accordint Meat, even better if you have a good helping of Canadian Mist whiskey running through your noggin'.

Taking the cue from the In Vein CD, the music is even heavier. Building from the opening "Beautiful Day" it takes you on a journey to the "Final Rest" that is rare in today's common 3 minute simplistic tunes. This CD will remind you of the reason you liked listening to music in the first place.

Song Title Length Play Lyrics The Scoop
Beautiful Day 10:43 Info The opening act of R. Rhytmia - this building song grabs you and starts you on your journey...
On Hold 3:34 Info This brief interlude provides some mood altering sonic landscapes for you to contemplate the Beautiful Day experience before continuing.
Cash 5:46 Info A change of direction after the Beautiful Day. Some things don't turn out the way you expect, and this song will prove it to you. Explicit lyric warning!
Favorite Faces 5:13 Info Some people just have the kind of face that makes you happy. This song reflects on that feeling.
Part of You, Part of Me 5:21 Info Moving on, here's a tune about meeting the old you in the future. Would either of you recognize the other you?
I Got Everything 8:53 Info At some point along the journey you realize you've got a lot of shit, but you seem to want even more. How much is enough?
Up All Night 10:21 Info This is a chance to catch up with the emotions you've been toying with - to swirl around a bit and then to realize, after a night of thinking about it, that no matter what's happened, you're still in control.
Rest 3:06 Info The final thoughts about the journey of life.

In Vein CD

In Vein CD Cover

The second CD from Poppa Vein was released in December, 2010. The 12 songs on the CD are listed below for you to listen to, link to the lyrics, and just plain enjoy!

This follow up CD will be beyond historic, perhaps even topping the big bang. Or perhaps the big burst.

The goal for this CD is to be a bit more diverse than Bad Blood (see below), yet at the same time keeping in the same vein as Bad Blood - rock with a bit of humor and raunch. There will certainly be some rockin' guitar based tunes, but expect some unexpected sounds to be mixed in as well. Just check out "Coming To" for proof - some hip hop rhythm, weird vocals, and with clean, funky, and driven guitars.

The CD and songs are available for purchase at but you can still download 'em here, and it's all free you lucky dog. Get 'em while you can! We may come to our senses and remove these links! And if you do grab a copy - we'd really like you to let us know what you think - email the boys at "". And if you REALLY REALLY like what you hear, feel free to show it by buying our CD...

The CD and MP3 downloads are available exclusively at Amazon.Com for $10 for the CD, $5.99 for the MP3 download.

Song Title Length Play Lyrics The Scoop
Setting Sail 4:24 Info Rockin' love song about not letting anything get in the way of the one ya want.
Bad Luck 3:48 Info Mid tempo tune about someone who's luck is improving from some kinda hell to bad luck. Bad luck is better than what they were having before!
Coming To 5:17 Info Slow tempo song about the morning after a night before ingesting some good chemicals.
Bottom Feeder 4:13 Info Rock song about certain kinds of people you may not like.
Saturday Night 3:34 Info A funky little song about a girl - what else?
Now I See 3:11 Info Light, up-tempo pop feel groovy song.
Don't Hold Too Tight 4:57 Info Pop song about getting a grip with a relationship. Or relaxing the grip.
Sweet Love 5:03 Info This song is a laid back tune about something the world could use more of.
Next To You 4:11 Info Funky song about being next to someone, maybe you.
Party with Poppa Vein 4:42 Info This is a live version of this song recorded with Crush Monster and Rithum Masheen on 8/2/2008. It may end up being the final version just to have one live song - and since they're no longer playing with Raw there's not much hope of getting another take!
Tea Bag 5:57 Info Straight ahead rocker dedicated to our friend Neal N. Dangle. He always rises to any occasion, always comes on time, and is a real straight shooter.
Hero 6:37 Info Rockin' tune about looking for someone to idolize and finding guitar gods.

Bad Blood CD

Bad Blood CD

The first CD from Poppa Vein, released June 2009.

This historic CD has 10 ground thumping songs on it and it will change your life forever (just like menopause). You NEED to pick up a copy now from your favorite online store! You must buy a copy. It is required that you buy this CD. If you want to live you will buy this CD. Got it?

The CD and MP3 downloads are available at the online stores listed below, as well as other online stores (we've just listed the major ones). We deal directly with CD Baby and can offer the entire download CD for only $5.00 there!

Amazon Napster iTunes CD Baby

You can click on the ">" button below to play a sample of each of the songs (the links play the samples from the CD Baby website).

Song Title Length Play Lyrics The Scoop
You Can't Touch 4:07 Info A pleasant song about whiskey and shiny things.
Bad Blood 3:16 Info A song with the word PRICK in it. How many of those do ya see?
Take Me 4:13 Info Our first belly rubber tune.
Holiday 5:37 Info Sometimes ya just need a break from it all.
Life In A Box 3:46 Info A touching song about breaking up.
Wah Wah Faces 5:13 Info Let's all make some wah wah faces.
Steamroller 6:09 Info A heavy kind of love.
If You See Kaye 4:42 Info Can you spell a c r o n y m?
Rest In Pieces 5:34 Info Breaking up with your significant other is hard to do. Breaking them apart is even harder.
Dream Of More 4:26 Info There's gotta be more than this.