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Title:New Delay Calculator
Summary:Another delay calculator program...
Date:02/24/2013 09:06AM

I've written a number of desktop delay calculators in the past. I use them to calculate the length of time for various musical notes based on a tempo. The values are then entered into delays so that the "repeats" are timed with the tempo of the song I'm working on.

I no longer had my delay calculator software available. It's been gone for some time, since the last time I installed Windows 7 (yeah - I had to install and re-install it a few times) and I've just been doing calculations by hand when necessary.

Today, 2/24/2013, I decided to write yet another version but this time I made a web version. It's on this site, under "Software > Tools". I also decided to take advantage of some jQuery for the number formatting. The tool is all client side JavaScript, using the jQuery main library from the Microsoft CDN, and a jQuery number formatting add-in I got from the jQuery site.

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